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River Management Society

We've partnered with the River Management Society, the nation's largest network of experienced river professionals. We donate a portion of our profits to their work protecting and preserving North America's wild and scenic rivers. Through communication, outreach, training workshops and events, and the disbursement of funds and resources, RMS supports the individuals who study, protect and manage North America's rivers.


Wildly Transparent


Supply Chain

Our first point of sustainability is a radically-transparent cacao supply chain which is focused on quality and direct relationships with our cacao growers. Our cacao is sourced from the highest quality and most ethical suppliers.


Eliminating reliance on dairy to make chocolate is another way for Wild West to have a positive impact on the planet and our environment.


We implement sustainable packaging measures and are always looking for ways to improve our packaging profile, so it doesn’t add to the growing landfill problem. We use packaging from recycled materials whenever we can.

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