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Customers can accept account invites from Wild West Chocolate or create a new account from the account login page (click th cowboy icon on the top right of the site) on the Wild West website.

At this time we do not ship to PO Boxes. Please use an address that does not contain a PO Box.

We do not ship to Alaska and Hawaii or International at this time.


We use Insulated packaging and ice packs to protect shipments when the temperature at the destination or during transit may exceed 75°F.

During the period of April-October all shipments are packed on ice and shipped expedited (2-day or overnight). We ship Mon-Wed during this time to ensure your shipment arrives without having to be stored at a carrier warehouse over the weekend. Orders placed Thurs-Sun during this time, will ship on the following Monday.

If you'd like to make a change or cancel your order, please email include your order number, name and phone.

All orders received by 5pm will ship out the next business day. If it is past 1pm Mountain on the next business day from when you placed your order, your order will have already shipped and cannot be cancelled.

All orders placed by 5pm Mountain ship the next business day. Please note that national and holidays and severe weather events may delay shipments.

We have a 30-day return policy from the time your order ships. Please email us at to initiate a return.

At this time we do not have the ability to send gift messages. However, we only include a packing slip (without pricing in our shipments).

We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay.


Wild West creates chocolate that is simple and delicious, and sweetened only with fruit — NO GMOs, NO Emulsifiers, NO Soy Lecithin, NO Gluten, NO Refined Sugar, NO Cane Sugar, and NO Sugar Alcohol.

Wild West products are Kosher certified. Products are certified Kosher Dairy by the Orthodox Union, New York, NY.

Chocolate must be kept cool, out of sunlight, and in a moisture-proof container to preserve freshness and develop flavor. Temperatures between 55°F-65°F is recommended for storage. You can store chocolate in the refrigerator if you are only storing it for a day or two, but keep it in a drawer or air-tight container that blocks out excess moisture to avoid blooming (crystallization and streaking). A zip lock bag may not be enough to keep out moisture and other aromas in the refrigerator for longer term storage.

Dark chocolate without any inclusions like nuts or fruit have a shelf life of 12 months from the manufacture/best before date. Our pure oatmilk chocolate and any chocolate that is filled or has inclusions, also have a shelf life of 12 months from their manufacture/best before date on the back of product.

We guarantee at least 45 days of shelf life from date of order for all chocolate products purchased from our website.

If the bar you purchased has a whitish coating and possibly an unusual surface texture, it may have suffered from a case of chocolate bloom. Bloom is the visual accumulation of sugar crystals on the bar’s surface — caused when the chocolate is subjected to temperature and/or humidity fluctuations. Although bloomed chocolate is safe to ingest, it is not a true taste reflection of the exceptional quality we strive to provide our customers. If your chocolate has bloomed, please contact us today so we can rectify the situation.

Wild West Chocolate is made in the USA by our premiere chocolatier.

You can look to individual product pages to find information on a specific product, including nutrition facts, allergy statements, and ingredients lists. If you can’t find the information that you are looking for, reach out to us at


Yes. All Wild West products are certified organic by QAI.

None of our products contain gluten and are all are certified gluten-free by the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO). Products that carry the GFCO certification mark represent unmatched reliability for meeting the strictest of gluten-free standards.

All Wild West chocolates are 100% plant-based and certified vegan. Plant-based chocolate is chocolate made without using milk and dairy of any kind. Our plant-based chocolates are either dark chocolate or made with our oatmilk-based "milk" chocolate.

Wild West chocolates contain the sugar that is naturally occurring in the organic fruit we use to sweeten our chocolate. However, there is NO ADDED SUGAR. Our products are sweetened only with organic fruit.

No. We do not use Erythritol, Xylitol, Sorbitol or any other sugar substitutes like Stevia or Monkfruit.

Cocoa liquor has no alcoholic content. The term “cocoa liquor“ is used to describe finely ground cocoa beans. During grinding, the mill gets hot and the ground cocoa beans become very fine in particle size and the cocoa butter becomes liquid; in short the finely ground cocoa beans are liquid when they exit the mill. When cocoa liquor is cooled and becomes solid, it is the same as unsweetened baking chocolate.

Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, contains a small quantity of caffeine. In addition to caffeine, there are other stimulants in chocolate that are similar to caffeine, namely theobromine and theophylline. These naturally occurring compounds have different types of stimulant properties. The higher the cocoa content, the more stimulating the chocolate will be.

We estimate that our chocolate contains 12mg of caffeine per serving of chocolate (30g). As a comparison, drip coffee contains between 140 and 190mg of caffeine per serving (1 cup). 

Our Cowboy coffee bars contains approximately 20mg of caffeine per serving of chocolate.

Cocoa content refers to the amount of the chocolate product that is made of the three cacao components —chocolate liquor, cocoa butter and cocoa powder. The percentage of cocoa solids present in the chocolate is a great indicator of a chocolate’s quality and flavor. Chocolate with high cocoa content possess a richer, more intense flavor. Also, studies indicate antioxidant health benefits can be found in high cocoa content chocolate.

Our oatmilk chocolate has a 50% cocoa content. Our dark chocolate has 70% cocoa content. The cocoa content of each product is stated on the wrapper.

No. Our products do not contain any soy, dairy, casein, whey or eggs.

Cacao refers to the tree, pod, fruit — everything before it's roasted. Once roasted, it becomes cocoa. In addition, Spanish speaking countries call the magical plant cacao, while in English speaking countries, it's cocoa. We like to use both pronunciations, because we speak chocolate.

The cocoa used in our products is not treated with alkali.


We implement sustainable packaging measures and are always looking for ways to improve our packaging profile while maintaining our high quality standards.

We package our bars in fully recyclable paper cartons and wrappers. Our bags and wrappers are #2 high density polyethylene (HDPE) and are recycle-ready, which means they can be dropped off at a participating store that understands how to recycle each component.

Eliminating our reliance on dairy to make chocolate is the quickest way that Wild West can have a positive impact on the planet and our environment.

Certifications include Non-GMO Project, Fair Trade, Organic, and others. The subjects of certifications, social responsibility, and cocoa supply chain sustainability are all interrelated, but cannot be answered by one logo or name. Please visit the Sustainability section of our website for more information.

Wild West uses Certified Fair Trade coffee, cocoa and cocoa butter, all of which are also USDA Certified Organic. We are proud to support Fair Trade regions and excited to meet the certification standards! Fair Trade USA is the leading nonprofit, third party certifier of fair trade products in North America that ensures that the farmers and communities that provide us with our cocoa, cocoa butter and coffee are fairly compensated. For more information, please visit

No. Wild West is proud to have our products verified by the Non-GMO Project.

Our ambition to return chocolate to its raw and rustic roots doesn't stop with the products we offer, it extends to the way we do business. We care about people and our planet just as much as we care about profits. It’s why we donate a portion of sales from every bar and bag to help preserve North America’s wild waters. Visit our Sustainability page to learn more about our partnership with the River Management Society to help preserve North America's Wild and Scenic Rivers.

Marketing & Public Relations

We do not mail out samples or coupons.

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We don't have a formal coupon program, but our retail partners run promotions so keep an eye out! As we add new retailers we will communicate them via email, Instagram (@wildwestchocolate), and our WW Near You page.

Currently, we do not have an affiliate program. we are considering one for the future.

We pledge to give back with every bite. We donate a percentage of profits to nonprofit partners working for the preservation and restoration our wild natural resources. We hope to create a new environmental legacy... together. 

This year, we’ve partnered with the River Management Society (RMS) to support their work protecting Wild and Scenic Rivers.

Although we are unable to fulfill your donation currently, please contact us at, with any future opportunities.

We review all sponsorship opportunities six months in advance. Please send opportunities to,

Due to high volume of sponsorship requests we receive, we are unable to respond to all inquiries. If we are interested in discussing sponsorship, we will follow up within 10 business days.

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