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First-to-market chocolate sweetened only with organic fruit now available online.

Missoula, MT:  Wild West has launched a line of sweetened-only-with-organic-fruit chocolate on their new website,

Wild West disrupts the better-for-you confection category by combining nature's most irresistible flavors into a one-of-a-kind recipe of pure cacao and naturally sweet, whole, crushed fruit— no sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, syrups, or sugar substitutes are used. The result of their trailblazing, proprietary method is a wonderfully indulgent, creative, no added sugar, ultra-premium line of organic chocolate with wildly delicious taste and texture.

Wild West is the brainchild of BJ Howard, whose love of Western waters inspired her to use her work to support the preservation of Wild & Scenic Rivers. Partnering with a master chocolatier (a peer from her Co-CEO role at Made in Nature), BJ brought to life a line of organic chocolate in unique flavors and formats with a reverence for the people, places, and wildlife of the West.

Wild West is about going back to the basics in life of good living and simple eating. Its spirit is inspired by the past, as the West has long been viewed as a symbol of freedom, adventure, and pristine, natural resources. Wild West is about restoring our connection with the earth, and the people and animals coexisting within it. It's getting back to a time when water ran clean and wild and everything we ate was as clean and pure as the water it came from.” BJ Howard

A key element of the Wild West mission, to return chocolate to its raw and rustic roots, is the partnership with the River Management Society ( — donating a portion of sales from every bar and bag to RMS’ work protecting and preserving North America's Wild & Scenic Rivers. Because clean water is essential in the clean, plant-based ingredients found in Wild West chocolate, the team believes it is their duty to advocate for and protect this essential natural resource.

The Wild West website launches with six flavors of artisan chocolate bars, and three flavors of Bear Claws, in advance of retail launches Q1 of 2024.

Chocolate Bars:

  • Dark Horse: 70% Cacao dark chocolate
  • Most Wanted: 70% Cacao dark chocolate with almond & sea salt
  • Cowboy Coffee: 70% Cacao dark chocolate with ground espresso
  • Grizzly: 50% Cacao oatmilk chocolate with raspberry & hazelnut
  • Snowcapped: 50% Cacao oatmilk chocolate with coconut
  • Prairie Oat: 50% Cacao oatmilk chocolate with toasted oats

Bear Claws:

  • Dark chocolate nut clusters with almond & sea salt
  • Oatmilk chocolate fruit and nut clusters with huckleberry & cashew
  • Oatmilk chocolate fruit and nut clusters with raspberry & hazelnut

Wild West products are USDA Organic, Non-GMO Verified, Certified Vegan, Fair Trade Certified, Certified Gluten-Free, and Kosher, and are in the process becoming Regenerative Organic certified.

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