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Some brands are built. Others are born. We are Wild West Chocolate, and we were born out of pure, unbridled passion for good food that does good in return. We are among the few flavor-seeking pioneers who dare to forge a new path forward for sweet lovers everywhere. Lucky for all of us, our particular path is lined with luscious organic chocolate with no-sugar-added.


Wild West Chocolate is a brand rooted in the spirit of the American West. Our team is made up of honest, hardworking people who have built lives here and believe in the power of our natural surroundings. That’s what inspired us to explore a new frontier of chocolate by harkening back to simpler times: when clean, organic ingredients were the only kind. No added sugar. No sugar alcohols. Just real, irresistible food you can indulge in without thinking twice.

All Wild West™ products are sweetened only with fruit. And not just any fruit: the finest certified organic, non-GMO fruit on the planet. Our master chocolatiers use an exclusive blend of premium sun-ripened organic fruit to bring the perfect touch of sweetness to our artisanal chocolates without a single grain of refined sugar.


As a team led by fearless, chocolate-loving females, we’re not afraid to get our boots dirty in the pursuit of sweet success. In fact, our CEO worked with our chocolatiers to bring to market a fruit-sweetened chocolate she could feel great sharing with her family any time of the day. Then, she didn’t stop until it she made it happen. (Trust us, this woman’s one tough mother. Just like Mother Nature.)

From concept to finished chocolate, our journey has been a long and winding one. But it’s also been worth it. We did the work to do things right—never cutting corners in our ingredient sourcing because only the best will do in the West. And we did it all to bring simply better chocolate to the world and give back to the lands and waters that give so much to us.


At Wild West Chocolate, we have an untamed hunger for the sweetest things in life. That includes chocolate, of course. And basically everything that comes from the earth, including water. We respect the role of rivers, lakes and streams as the lifeblood of nature and an essential element of clean, plant-based ingredients like the ones in our chocolate. That’s why we donate a portion of profit from every sale to the River Management Society to help support the passionate people who protect North America’s wild waters.

So, when you support Wild West, you also support the communities and landscapes that make our wild spaces so special.

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